God of Love

I keep hearing about this God of love. It seems He loves everyone and everything.  He's the God who says "I know you're trying, so I'll cut you some slack" and "I don't care what you believe as long as you believe it with all your heart". He doesn't judge anyone and He doesn't hold anyone responsible for their actions. He doesn't hate anything; not abortion or divorce or immorality. He welcomes anyone, anytime, in any condition and there are apparently many ways to get to Him and He doesn't care which way you choose.
This is not the God of the Bible. Yet I hear about this "God" from the mouths of supposed Christians! Read your Bibles again... God does not love everyone! He does not let sin go unpunished! He is a God of judgment and moral responsibility! He is a God of justice and righteousness!
I don't know where this "goody-two-shoes" God comes from, but His followers are going to be rudely surprised when they come face to face with the real God. The real God hates doers of iniquity, murderers, liars and those who disregard His law to live any old way they want to. He demands that He be approached with worship and praise and only in the name of Jesus. He judges according to our actions and punishes sin. He loves those who love Him and obey Him. He is willing to forgive any sin if we repent, admit that we were wrong and accept the blood of Jesus as the payment for our iniquities, but He will not turn His head and disregard our sinfulness in the name of "love"!