Happy Face

I would like to introduce a new word to many of my Christian brothers and sisters - SMILE. I see so many people who are confessing Christians who apparently don't know how to smile! They go around with a bad look on their faces all the time and they wonder why their witnessing isn't effective..... uh, well, maybe people don't want what you have if it makes you so sad all the time! Smile!!!... If anyone in this world has a reason to... it's you! You have every reason to smile and absolutely no right to frown. Hey, I know things get hard sometimes and bad things happen to us all now and then; But we are representatives.... we are ambassadors of Christ! We are supposed to reflect the character of God! Smile! Don't let people tell you that to be a "real" Christian you have to look like you've been suckling on a dill pickle all day! Smile! Smile like you mean it.... like you are happy to be saved.... happy to be justified in God's eyes.... happy to be a citizen of Heaven.... like you're happy to be one of God's children! People are watching..... so smile already!


Seeker Sensitive

Have you noticed that the overwhelming desire of people these days is the desire to be entertained? We spend billions and billions of dollars each year on entertainment! We buy music, we go to the movies, we go to sporting events, we get on the internet. We get bored so very easily with everything. We're like children who are crying for new toys three days after Christmas because we're already tired of what we got! Entertain me!! And keep on entertaining me; Push the envelope; Come up with something new because I'm bored with the old stuff!
And now we see the church trying to use this fleshly desire for spiritual purposes. What?! The very body of the Lord Jesus has gotten into the entertainment business!
I understand the underlying motive and I do believe that it is sincere: If we make our churches more inviting to the lost, they will come in and hear the good news. If we shorten our services, maybe lighten up on the sermons that condemn sin, liven up the worship music, and loosen up the dress requirements, we will be able to preach to people we have never been able to preach to before because they wouldn't come to church! While they're here, we'll be able to save some of them!
I respectfully disagree. It sounds good, but I don't believe it's biblical. I'm all for getting people into church and I'm all for trying different techniques for doing so. I'm not rigid, Pharisaical and religious, but I see a great danger to the church in what we are doing.
We do not decide how God is worshiped; God decides how He is worshiped! God is awsome and terrible and all those in the Bible who came into His glorious presence even a little were overwhelmed by His glory. Some fainted, some swooned and some even fell down as dead men! God is not safe! He is glorious and holy beyond our ability to understand! When we are in His presence (and if He if not present in our church services, why are we even there?!) we must be careful to not be nonchalant and "comfortable"! We are in the presence of the living God who created all things and that honor must be recognized and appreciated!
In the parable of the sower, there were seeds that fell on the side of the road and, even though they found enough soil to begin to grow, their roots didn't go deep into the ground. When the sun got hot they shriveled and died. Is this what we're doing? Are we more interested now in quantity than quality? Are we raising up a generation of believers who will fall apart the first time things get tough? The first time they're not "entertained" will they get bored and walk away? Are we making things "easy" for them to come in and then expecting them to stay when things get tough?
Preach the gospel. Tell people about Jesus. Give them the whole Bible. Don't try to make it "easy", make it true! Don't try to be seeker sensitive, be seeker loving and seeker truthful and seeker honest. If they're seekers that's what they're seeking!



I know a lot of Christians who are very disappointed that they haven't been able to lead their loved ones to Jesus. They feel like they have failed and wonder just what else they can do! I often hear them say "How can I get them to believe in Jesus? How can I make them see?!" The secret is in the phrase "lead them to Jesus".
There's a saying I love that states "Jesus doesn't need us to explain Him, just introduce Him." When we start trying to "make" or "get" people to believe in Jesus, we're overstepping our bounds. Let me give you an example: Let's say you have a male friend who is single. Let's say you also know a female friend who is single and looking for a mate. She sees you talking to your male friend and says she'd like to meet him. You take her over to him and you say "Tom, this is Mary. Mary is a close personal friend of mine and I can't say enough good things about her. She's wonderful and I think you two would be perfect together." Then.... you leave them alone! Your job is done! She talks with him and he talks with her and they decide what happens next. The ball is in their court! Anything else you try to do will probably be counter-productive.
Jesus wants us to introduce people to Him. He wants us to tell them how wonderful He is and what great things He has done for us. We are to give an introduction, be a witness to His goodness and that's all! Of course, we continue to pray that that person will choose Jesus, but it's out of our hands at that point. Jesus can handle the rest. We can plow the ground and plant the seeds, but only God can send the rain and bring about growth. If we try to do what only He can do, we will be perpetually frustrated!
Pray for your loved ones, tell them about Jesus, let them know what He means to you and then wait... knowing that Jesus is faithful.