Broken Machines

"Without your love I'm just a broken machine." - Newsboys

We tend to think of machines as being made of metal with gears and motors and things. But I think human beings are machines. We aren't alive on our own; we're not alive just because we want to be. We are animated by an outside source; God! The Bible says that Jesus lights every one who comes into the world. Without Him putting a spirit into our bodies, we would be lifeless! We are, in essence, spirit-animated biological machines. When our spirits leave our bodies, our bodies cease to function and we become lifeless machines. Doctors can keep the biological machine running with man-made machinery, but it's real life is gone when it's spirit has departed.
God created man's body from the dust of the Earth but it wasn't alive or animated until God breathed the breathe of life into it. At the point where God's breath (spirit) came into contact with man's body, a soul formed and man became a living being. We are alive because God wants us to be! And God doesn't owe us life, He gives it because He loves us.
Until we believe in Jesus as our savior, our spirit animates us, but it is not fully functioning. We are living, but broken, machines. Our spirits are supposed to be our link to God. We hear from Him and communicate to Him through our spirits. Because of sin, we are separated from God and our spirit can't do it's job. For all practical purposes, our spirits are dead to God. If something stops working right we say it is dead (because it is incapable of doing what it was designed to do). I would compare a sinner to a Ham radio set without an antennae; it still turns on, lights up and makes noise, but it is incapable of sending or receiving signals, which is it's purpose. It is a broken machine!
When we come to God on His terms (through Jesus Christ), fellowship with Him is restored and our spirits begin to function properly; but without His love, we're just broken machines.

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