Speakers and Shepherds

I believe the Church has too many speakers and not enough shepherds. It seems many people are 'deciding' to become pastors these days. They go off to school and take classes in speaking and communicating, church history and prophecy and become church pastors. There is nothing wrong with learning to hone your craft if you are called of God to do it, but too many of our pastors aren't called of God; they're self-made pastors. You may or may not be able to tell the difference from the pulpit, but you sure can tell from their actions.
The Bible says that a pastor is a shepherd. His local church is the flock he has been called to serve (yes, the pastor is a servant). It is his sacred responsibility to lead, protect, teach and correct his flock, always under the direction of the Holy Spirit. He will always be willing to do what is good for his flock regardless of how it impacts his career, his image or his money. He will lay down his life for his sheep, he will leave the 99 to go after the one that has gone astray and he will remember that he is their shepherd, not their king.
I have to wonder when I see the mega-churches and the TV ministers who have Rolex watches, Lexus cars and million dollar mansions, are they shepherds or just great speakers? Do they watch over their flock or fleece their flock? Do they see themselves as servants of the sheep or do the sheep exist to serve them? Are they laying up treasure in Heaven or building a career and making themselves a name on Earth? When one of their sheep leaves do they go after him or just say "I'm not going to beg anyone to go to my church!"? Do they do what's best for the flock or what's profitable and popular?
When the angels of God appeared to men in the Bible, they wouldn't allow themselves to be worshiped and yet we see pastors who accept people's worship and welcome and encourage it. Many Christians go to a church solely because of the pastor, not because they were led of the Holy Spirit to be there. People are blindly following a charismatic personality instead of a Holy Spirit anointing; can the anti-christ be far behind?

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