The Lie

I have just recently gotten my first real taste of having my reputation slandered. It comes as such a shock when someone spreads a lie that has you supposedly acting in a way that you would never act (and anyone who really knows you would know you could never act!) and saying things you would never say. I guess that because I would never think of doing something like that to another human being, it's hard for me to imagine someone doing that to me! But, they did. And it hurts. And it makes me angry. And it's unfair. I live my life trying to be as Godly as I can (sometimes I do a better job than other times!) and then someone comes along and, with one unfounded lie, tries to steal my reputation from me! Granted, those who know me won't believe the lie, but what about those who don't know me? Has this lie ruined any chance I may have had to reach them for Christ? Has this lie stained my reputation in their eyes and will they spread the lie to others?
I have to admit that my flesh wants revenge. My flesh wants to go to this person and "have it out"! My flesh wants to punch somebody out! But I feel the Holy Spirit restraining me. I hear Him telling me that revenge is God's thing and not my thing. I hear Him telling me to love my enemies and bless those who abuse me. I feel Him compelling me to be like Jesus who, when He was mocked and lied about and betrayed, offered no retaliation, but went on about His Father's business and "no guile was found in his mouth".
I am grateful that God won't allow me to be merely "human". I am his child, born of His Spirit, called by His name and made in His image. He has called me to be like Him, holy and mature, and I want to be obedient. I want Him to be pleased with me and proud of me as His son. But it sure is tough sometimes! I pray that this person repents of the lie and asks for God's forgiveness. They already have mine. I also pray that God will be merciful in His revenge against them if they refuse to repent.

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