No Sense

Ever heard the old adage about someone "cutting off his nose to spite his face"? I've always liked that one! It's talking about someone who insists on doing something which, in the end, only hurts himself. Not very bright, huh?
That's the saying I think of when the liberals and atheists start talking about Christians and how the world would be better off without those "religious zealots". They mock and make fun of Jesus and the Ten Commandments and the Bible and morality and personal resposibility and pretty much everything Christians stand for.
But what would the world be like without Christians? It would be everyone doing whatever they pleased with no one to warn them or speak up for truth. The Bible talks about a time when "everyone did what was pleasing in their own eyes" and I suspect that's what would happen again. No truth, no right and wrong, no morals, no laws.... just everyone doing whatever they think is right, whatever pleases them. How long would society last?
Christians are the light of the world because they stand upon and stand up for the word of God. When the Christians are gone, evil will quickly prevail, having no one to hold it back. The world would do away with Christians and Christianity (and God for that matter) and destroy themselves in the doing. Cutting off one's nose in spite of one's face makes no sense.

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