Love Thy Neighbor

I was happy to see the Arizona Governor veto the bill that would allow business owners to refuse service to gays because of religious objections.  That might seem like an odd thing for a Christian to say. I am by no means supporting the homosexual lifestyle. I believe the Bible clearly states that it a sinful lifestyle. But I am supporting Christian values and human dignity. I am standing up for what the Bible commands Christians to do.
The Bible commands us to love people. We are to love our neighbor and we are to love our enemies. Gays are not our enemies, they are human beings caught up in the trap of sinful behavior. The Bible tells us that we are not at war with people, but with demonic spirits. We are not giving our consent to the homosexual lifestyle if we sell a gay person a tube of toothpaste or serve them a hamburger. We are only selling a product to a human being. Who knows that along with that toothpaste or hamburger we might also be able to impart a word of friendship and plant a seed showing the love of Christ? If we deny service, we are cutting ourselves off from the very ones whose lives we need to be touching, not to mention we are not doing what the Bible commands us to do, “love your neighbor as yourself”!

On the other hand, I hope we can get away from the current prevailing thought that we hate everyone we disagree with. We can have differences of opinion and still be friends and not hate each other. A Christian who hates people for any reason is not living the biblical Christian life. But when Christians stand with the Bible and say that Homosexuality is sinful, that is deemed to be “hate speech” and we are called homophobes. I’m not afraid of you nor do I hate you just because I disagree with you. Christians must tolerate Homosexuals, but Homosexuals apparently don’t have to tolerate Christians! Where’s the fairness in that? Shouldn't we all be held to the same standard and be required to give life and freedom to each other?

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