Convenient Excuses

Jesus said "These things I do, you will do.". Jesus said "They will lay their hands on the sick and they will recover.". Jesus said "Whatever you ask in my name, believing, you will have it.". These statements of Jesus are simple and to the point. They are not shrouded in mystery; they are plainly spoken and easily understood. And yet we come up with all kinds of excuses why we can't do what He said we could do! We say that this person remains sick because God is working out something in their life. We say that God doesn't heal anymore, that miracles were just to prove that Jesus was God. We say that we don't know everything that God is doing and it may be His will that this person be sick for awhile to teach them something.
I say, BALONEY!!! Let's be honest! We make excuses because we don't really believe what Jesus said. We make excuses because we think it's just too good to be true. We make excuses because we're afraid we'll try it and it won't happen and then we'll look foolish.
The simple truth is that we can do what Jesus said we can do (actually, we must do what Jesus said we can do!). We have many "religious" leaders who have conned us into believing that we need to let them explain the scriptures to us because they are "more knowledgeable" about the things of God than we are and they say we can't do those things that Jesus said we could do. (Sounds like the same trick the priests pulled on people during the Dark Ages to me!) We believe them because we think they are smarter than us (just because someone "sounds" smart doesn't mean they are smart). When will the people of God quit listening to these excuse-makers and believe Jesus?! Don't expect me to believe your human reasoning instead of Jesus' plainly spoken words! When Jesus says I can, all your reasons why I can't don't matter!


  1. Yes, Wait and No.

    I just lost my job, a good high paying job in my field of work. If I pray to god and ask him for a new job so that I may continue to pay my bills and feed my family, I can receive one of 3 answers.

    Yes; I get a job within days. Praise the lord, he is listening! I am truly blessed.

    Wait; I continue to look for work, and weeks go by before I land a job. Surely, He must have planned this for me, either I was meant to get this particular job or I was meant to learn from the experience.

    No; Weeks turn to months, then to years and I cannot find a job in my field of work. I bounce from one short term job to another, and am let go over and over again.

    The point is that no matter what you ask of god, one of these 3 things will happen. Prove me wrong. You either get what you ask for in a short period of time, or you get it a littler later, or you don't get it at all. The power of prayer is so amazing.

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