Christ the Healer

When I read the Bible, there's no way for me to come to any other conclusion but that God wants His people to be healthy. Time after time He reminds us that He is our healer. Jesus went about "doing good aand healing all who were opressed of the devil". Everywhere Jesus went He healed all their sick (except where the people didn't believe). The gospels plainly state that Jesus Himself bore our sicknesses and carried our diseases. God wants us to be healthy!
I know that there are those who say that God brings sickness upon people to teach them something or to correct them. That is a ploy of the devil, not God! The devil is the one who decieves, pressures and bullies people. God doesn't use those tactics! God draws us by His love. God convinces us that we need Him and waits for us to choose Him of our own free will. The devil will control us any way He can, but God wants us to want Him!
If God causes people physical pain to teach them or correct them for their own good, then why not just make us all sick with some painful, horrible disease and tell us that it will go away when we come to our senses and serve Him?! Wouldn't the end result be worth the painful means?! God does not do things that way! He gave us free will and He will not force us to do anything against our free will!
I understand that when sickness comes, God uses it to teach us. God causes all things to work together for good to those who love Him! But the sickness doesn't come from Him! Sometimes it's sin in our lives, sometimes it's unforgiveness we harbour, sometimes it's a lack of faith that God wants us to heal us, sometimes it's caused by someone else's sinful actions or maybe it's a genetic thing passed down from family members, but God is not the author of sickness and disease!
There are those who will read this post and say "Well, what about so-and-so? She's a good Christian who believes in healing, but she's still sick." I don't have all the answers. The direct cause of sickness is not always obvious. And I don't believe in accusing people of being sinners or of lacking faith because they are sick! But I guarantee you that it is not God's will for people to suffer! He's not that kind of Father! He doesn't resort to those tactics!
We all have to work out our own salvation. I'm not judgeing you for what you believe or don't believe and I don't want you to judge me. We are all God's servants and He will judge His servants for Himself! But it bothers me to no end to know that people would believe that God, the perfect Father (who said He would not withhold from us any good thing) would resort to torture to make us mind Him, even if it was for our own good!

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