Obeying the Law

Why do so many Christians think that its' alright to break the law? I'm not talking about the Ten Commandments, but the rules and regulations of our country, state, city and community. Apparently, they think that as long as they are obeying God's laws, they don't have to worry about breaking the "laws of the world". Maybe they should think again! When the laws of the land don't contradict the law of God, breaking the laws of the land is breaking the law of God!
The Bible tells us to obey the laws of the land so that we may live in peace and prosper. That doesn't mean we should obey the "big" laws and not the "little" laws either! When we drive in excess of the posted speed limit, we're breaking God's law because God told us to obey the law of the land. When we litter or park in front of a fire hydrant or do anything else in defiance of known, posted law, we are actually defying God!
It may not seem like such a bid deal right now and there are those who will read this post and say that I'm nit-picking. But, when we stand before our Lord and Savior in Heaven, what will we say when He asks us about these incidents? What will be our excuse for disobeying Him by not keeping the law of the land? I'm sure He will take it very seriously!
Christians will be held to the highest possible standard. We are His and we are filled with His Holy Spirit. We have no legitimate excuse for not obeying His every command. The next time you are tempted to do something illegal (no matter how trivial), remember, no one else may be watching, but God is watching. The police officer is not the one you need to be most worried about!

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