Happy Face

I would like to introduce a new word to many of my Christian brothers and sisters - SMILE. I see so many people who are confessing Christians who apparently don't know how to smile! They go around with a bad look on their faces all the time and they wonder why their witnessing isn't effective..... uh, well, maybe people don't want what you have if it makes you so sad all the time! Smile!!!... If anyone in this world has a reason to... it's you! You have every reason to smile and absolutely no right to frown. Hey, I know things get hard sometimes and bad things happen to us all now and then; But we are representatives.... we are ambassadors of Christ! We are supposed to reflect the character of God! Smile! Don't let people tell you that to be a "real" Christian you have to look like you've been suckling on a dill pickle all day! Smile! Smile like you mean it.... like you are happy to be saved.... happy to be justified in God's eyes.... happy to be a citizen of Heaven.... like you're happy to be one of God's children! People are watching..... so smile already!

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