I know a lot of Christians who are very disappointed that they haven't been able to lead their loved ones to Jesus. They feel like they have failed and wonder just what else they can do! I often hear them say "How can I get them to believe in Jesus? How can I make them see?!" The secret is in the phrase "lead them to Jesus".
There's a saying I love that states "Jesus doesn't need us to explain Him, just introduce Him." When we start trying to "make" or "get" people to believe in Jesus, we're overstepping our bounds. Let me give you an example: Let's say you have a male friend who is single. Let's say you also know a female friend who is single and looking for a mate. She sees you talking to your male friend and says she'd like to meet him. You take her over to him and you say "Tom, this is Mary. Mary is a close personal friend of mine and I can't say enough good things about her. She's wonderful and I think you two would be perfect together." Then.... you leave them alone! Your job is done! She talks with him and he talks with her and they decide what happens next. The ball is in their court! Anything else you try to do will probably be counter-productive.
Jesus wants us to introduce people to Him. He wants us to tell them how wonderful He is and what great things He has done for us. We are to give an introduction, be a witness to His goodness and that's all! Of course, we continue to pray that that person will choose Jesus, but it's out of our hands at that point. Jesus can handle the rest. We can plow the ground and plant the seeds, but only God can send the rain and bring about growth. If we try to do what only He can do, we will be perpetually frustrated!
Pray for your loved ones, tell them about Jesus, let them know what He means to you and then wait... knowing that Jesus is faithful.

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