We have lost our desire for holiness. We have lost our hatred of sin. We have turned God's mercy into a license to do evil. We no longer tremble at the thought of God's wrath and judgment. We have been told that the God of the old testament, the one who erupted in anger and wrath at the sins of His people and slaughtered the men, women and children who worshiped other gods, isn't the same God we serve today. He is a God of mercy and grace and He won't punish sin like He used to. He's not quite so finicky these days. He lets a lot of the "little" things slide. We are in for a very rude awakening!
God's mercy and forbearance is meant to give us time to repent. But when God doesn't immediately judge sin, we start thinking that maybe we got by with it; Maybe God doesn't care about sin anymore! Maybe we are living under grace and we can do as we please! We are fools if we think that.
The Bible says that the wicked are "laying up wrath" for the "day of wrath". Every sin, every selfish deed, every corrupt thought is being noted. The bank account is filling up quickly and one day the total amount will be withdrawn and paid in full. The wrath of God will fall heavily! And do we escape because we confess Jesus as savior? Can we act any old way we want and God's grace blinds Him to it all? Not for one minute!
Sin is still cosmic treason! It is rebellion against the highest of authorities! Sin is still arrogance at it's extreme!

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