Faith Crisis

As we all know, it's one thing to have faith when all is well and another thing altogether when you're sick or having a life crisis. When you've been sick a while and you've prayed and prayed for deliverance and nothing happens, it's easy to start wondering if you really believe everything you say you believe.
Head faith and heart faith are two different things. Head faith seems to abandon you when things get really bad, but heart faith is with you always! We read the Bible and listen to the sermons on faith and it all makes sense. But if it never travels from your head down to your heart, you're going to be in trouble when the hard times hit!
We need to be sure that we "know that we know" and believe in our hearts before something come up. It is so easy to "lose your head" when times get tough! Give your faith a good examination today and make sure it's settled in your heart.

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