Owner or Renter?

If you own your own house and the roof begins to leak, guess who has to pay to have it fixed? Right... you do! But if you rent the house you can call the landlord because it is his responsibility to care for the house.
If you choose to live your life and leave Jesus out of it, then you are responsible for fixing anything that goes wrong. Don't expect Jesus to come running to fix a life He's not responsible for. But if you have given ownership of your life over to Him, then call on His name and He'll be there for you every time.
We can't have our cake and eat it too. Either we keep control of our lives and along with it the responsibility, or we give our lives away and know that Jesus will take responsibility for us. I choose to let Jesus be in control of my life. I have proven to myself over the years that I am not nearly as capable of running things as I thought I was. I want someone wiser and more powerful than I to run my life. There are too many things I don't understand and too many things that can go wrong that I don't have the power to fix. I'm not saying that I just sit down and do nothing while Jesus does everything for me. He will lead me, but I must follow! I want Him to make the decisions and guide me through this world. He sees the end from the beginning. He knows what's going to happen tomorrow. He has the power to manipulate circumstances to work out for my good. I would be foolish to choose my own limited abilities over His unlimited knowledge and power!
If you take up your life, you will lose it. If you lay down your life for His sake, you will gain it. It's that simple. You decide.

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