Speaking Peace

I'm not one of the so-called "name it and claim it" crowd. (Don't you just hate it when Christian brothers and sisters come up with derogatory names to call each other just because they believe something differently?) But I do believe that what we say (and don't say) has more effect on our lives than we know. I believe that we can speak peace and favor and even health into our lives. I'm not talking about chants or magic words, I'm talking about speaking the word in faith. I'm talking about saying about ourselves what the word of God says about us. I'm talking about claiming the promises of God for ourselves. I'm talking about deciding what we want our lives to be like and then saying it (out loud!) and then not settling for anything less! I believe through faith (or lack of it) we create our own circumstances. And I know we enlist God's help through faith.What we believe, we should say!
Try it today. Say "I believe in the name of Jesus that today will be a peaceful, prosperous, and happy day filled with good health and favor for me and all my house!". Expect it, look for it and I believe you will see it!

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