Respecting Authority

While watching the President's State of the Union address on TV last night, I saw something that helps me understand why our country is in such sad shape these days. All our government leaders were gathered there in one room and I saw in their actions (or lack thereof) a real spiritual problem. This country has lost it's respect for authority! When President Bush would say something, the Republicans would stand and applaud and the Democrats would not. I understand that the two parties have different, sometimes opposite, viewpoints. I understand that the Democrats are not going to applaud something they didn't like. But I noticed that while the President was speaking, many of the Democrats were reading the newspaper or looking around at something else. They were ignoring the President on purpose. I know the Republicans do the same thing when a Democratic President is speaking. And that is the problem; disrespect for authority!
Respect for authority has nothing to do with one's politics. When a person is elected as President of the United States, that person is every American's president. It doesn't matter if you like them or not; it doesn't matter if you agree with their policies or not. If that person was legally elected, then you must respect their authority. If a Democrat can say about a Republican President, "That's not my President!" then how can they not expect Republican citizens to say the same thing about a Democratic President! It divides our country and makes us weak! If you don't want someone to be president, vote against them! But once the voting is over, it is time to come together as a nation and follow (and respect) our leader!
God is the ultimate authority and He is the only one who can delegate authority. All authority comes from God. When we disrespect authority, we disrespect the one who gives that authority. When we call President Bush names (whether it be W or dubya or old Bush or whatever), we are disrespecting God and that is sin! A nation in sin won't enjoy the blessings of God. If our nations leaders act in such disrespect of authority, how can we expect our young people to act any differently?! When you disrespect authority, your authority will be disrespected. If you don't respect police, teachers and presidents, then you're children won't feel they have to respect you!

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