More Than That

"I fall to the ground
‘Cause I want to be better
Though You take me as I am
You deserve more than that"

"More than That" by Monk and Neagle

I love the last two verses of that chorus. It reminds me that, although God accepts me as I am, He deserves much more than I give Him. He deserves my everything. He deserves my absolute best. He deserves to be first in all things.
The Bible says "Let everything that has breath praise the Lord". Everything that has breath owes the Lord praise because He gave them breath. God has given us life and we are mistaken when we think that our lives are our own. He gave us life so that we could serve Him. If I gave you $100 and told you to go buy me a gift, but instead you bought something for yourself, you would be a thief. You would have stolen my money because you didn't use it for it's intended purpose. We are thieves when we use life to please ourselves instead of God.
We should always be striving to be better because God deserves the best. He wants us to be the best we can be and He has given us everything we need to grow and mature. He'll take us as we are, but He deserves more than that.

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