Real Peace

We Christians talk a lot about having the peace of God. But I have noticed that we don't always seem to live in that peace. Jesus said He left us His peace, but He commanded us to "walk in it". Living in peace is a matter of faith. Staying in peace is a matter of decision. Some people know that Jesus gave peace and they claim His peace by faith, but they never really decide that they will stay in it. It's hard to make a decision in the middle of hard times. Circumstances tend to blur our vision and make it easy for our flesh to control us. Make the decision now that when uncomfortable circumstances arise, you will walk in God's peace by faith and stay in His peace no matter what. And then stick with it!; Don't give up! Learn to rest in the peace of God. And this is His peace: knowing beyond a shadow of any doubt that His promises to you are true (the Bible say they are yes and amen) and He is well able (and willing) to take care of you through any trouble you may encounter. You can go through anything if you are confident that He is there with you, working out everything for your good! This is my favorite verse in those times: "This I will declare of the Lord: He alone is my refuge, my place of safety. He is my God and I am trusting in Him.".
A lot of people say they have faith and are walking in God's peace, but at the first sign of trouble, they throw up their hands in despair. Either that or they hold on for a while only to let fear talk them out of their peace. You can never walk in peace aside from faith and you certainly can't walk in faith if you give in to fear. Fear and faith can't exist together; one or the other will rule you.

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