When God created Adam and Eve, he put dominion in their hearts. God placed them in the Garden of Eden and gave them dominion over all the animals and the garden itself. They were created to rule and reign over all things, under God's ultimate authority.
Many things changed after the Fall in the Garden. Our adversary, the devil, perverted every legitimate desire God gave us; food, sex, pleasure, dominion. God created eating to be enjoyable. He could have made food very boring and we would have just "refueled" every day. God created sex between a husband and wife to be enjoyable. Procreation could have been painful and dull instead. God could have created us to feel pain and lack of pain and left pleasure out altogether! God created us to enjoy our lives, but Satan has made perversions of the very things God meant for healthy pleasure! We have people who are literally eating themselves to death because they are "hooked" on food. We have people preying on young children sexually, infidelity in marriages and pornography is a multi-billion dollar industry because people are "hooked" on sex. Things created for our enjoyment are destroying us!
Dominion has been perverted as well. We were created to rule over the earth and all the animals, but always under God's authority. It is a "given" that He is the head of all things! But our desire to dominate has been perverted to make us want to rule our own lives even to the extent of denying God's right to rule over us! We were given rule over the earth and over the animals; we were never given rule over other people or over ourselves! God is our ruler! We are not our own!
Everything belongs to God because He created everything. The created thing has no legitimate right to say to the creator "You have no right to rule over me.". We are God's property whether we admit it or not. The irony is, if we let God rule over us, He will work everything together for our good. He is not a tyrant, He is our Father! His desire is to bless us and give us our desires!

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