We need to take a lesson from the trees. In the summer, trees put out beautiful foliage and deep green leaves. But in the winter they drop all their leaves and look so drab and gray, almost dead! It looks like winter really makes it hard on them.
But things are happening behinds the scenes (or should I say, underground) that we don't see. The trees are working on their root systems. Their roots are digging into the ground, tunneling down toward the warm, moist soil that lies way down deep. You can't tell by looking at their limbs or branches, but the tree is not only alive, it's vibrant! The tree uses this season to plan for the next!
The reason trees can put forth such beautiful flowers and leaves in the spring and summer is because of what they do in the winter. Next summer when the rains stop and the sun beats down on everyone with it's almost unbearable heat, the trees roots will be way down deep past the point where the sun dries up all the moisture! The rich, moist soil down deep feeds up through the branches into the leaves and allows them to be beautiful and bountiful!
We need to learn to let those cold, gray seasons in our lives become root growing times for us as well. Everyone goes through those cold, gray times in their lives. It's like winter to our souls! We feel so alone and useless! Those are the times that we need to draw near to Jesus. He is the vine and we are the branches; We get our life-giving nutrients from him. In those wintry times learn to grow on the inside and wrap yourself more tightly around him. Let your roots grow and increase in him. If we do that, we will find that when the sun does reappear, we will produce much more fruit and be much more "drought tolerant". The hot sunshine of this life won't be able to dry us out and damage us. We will be feeding on the deep, moist, cool soil way down deep in Christ Jesus!

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