Not Trading Places

Some people seem to have everything; money, fame, friends, cars, etc. It seems as though good things just fall out of the sky right on their heads! Some are movie stars, some are business people, some are lawyers or doctors, some are politicians and some just inherited from someone else. They don't seem to have the struggles that we have. They don't know what it's like to run out of money before running out of bills. They don't know what it's like to have to order from the "99 cent menu" when you really would like the $6 burger with everything. They don't know what it's like to limit what you spend per child for Christmas when you want to get them everything on their list.
And what makes it really difficult to understand is how they can treat other people with such disregard and still prosper! They don't seem to care about anyone but themselves. They use their money to please themselves without giving a thought to anyone else. They can spend $1000 a night for a hotel suite knowing that people are sleeping in the alley in a cardboard box. They can spend $5000 a plate for a political luncheon knowing that some people put their children to bed hungry most nights. They do whatever it takes, cheat anyone they can, bend (or break) every rule, just to get ahead and stay ahead. Being wealthy is never enough for them; they want to be richer than anyone else. How can they live like that and prosper so much?
It is an age old question. Jeremiah and many of the old prophets cried out to God about the injustices of their time and asked God when he would repay people for their crimes against humanity. They asked God why he allowed these people to prosper when they were so evil. We are still asking those questions today.
I must admit, I wish I had some of their money. I get a little envious of their comfortable lives. And I wonder why they are allowed to keep prospering when they obviously don't care about anyone but themselves. But I would not trade lives with any of them! I would never consider, not for one microsecond, trading my life for theirs! God has blessed me with enough to live on. He has blessed me with good health and healthy, well-behaved children. He has saved me from Hell and given me everlasting life with him. Would I like to have more here on Earth? Yes, I would!; but not at the expense of my soul! I know where I am going when all this is over! And I wouldn't trade that for every penny ever minted and all the comforts and all the fame in all the world!
I am not saying that every person who is rich or famous is evil, nor am I saying that they are all going to Hell! I am no one's judge; God will judge us all! I am saying that even though you may not have everything they have here on Earth, but have Jesus, you have everything to look forward to! Don't ever consider trading your morals or your soul for money. Being rich and famous for 100 years could never be comparable to an eternity of peace and health and joy in the presence of God!

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