The Kingdom

Jesus came preaching the Kingdom of God. Paul went about preaching the Kingdom of God. We are told to preach this Kingdom to all the nations. With all this talk about a kingdom, why do so many Christians seem to think Christianity is a democracy?
The USA is the greatest country that has ever existed and our form of government, democracy, is the best form of government ever known. Some people seem to think that because we see the USA as a Christian nation that the kingdom of heaven must be a democracy as well. It is not; it is a kingdom! Kingdoms play by different rules!
In a kingdom, the king is sovereign. He is all and all. He owns everything and everyone is under his supreme authority. Decisions are not made by majority vote, nor are they made by commissions or councils; all decisions are made by the king as he so desires.
Citizenship in a kingdom is not a right but a privilege and is at the behest of the King. The King is solely responsible to protect, feed and provide for every need of his citizens. The citizens are responsible for obeying and honoring their King, thus staying in right relationship with him (righteousness).
Study the scriptures and learn to see God's ways through the workings of a Kingdom and you will begin to see things differently. Many "mysteries" will be opened up to you and you will see answers to many of your questions about why things happen as they do.

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