Who Do You Blame?

If someone offered you an umbrella to use in a rain storm and you said "No, thanks.", who's fault would it be that you got wet walking in the rain? It would be your fault for refusing to accept the protection you were offered! Protection is worthless if not accepted and put to use. Yet almost everyday, I hear people asking why God let a particular thing happen to them. I ask them if they pray or go to church or try to live holy lives and they say they don't. Some don't even confess to believe there is a God. (It seems that the only time some people will acknowledge the existence of God is when they need to blame Him for something!) God promises to take care of His children, not someone else's children. If you don't belong to Him, why would you expect His mercy and protection?
Someone once said that our lives are like a car we're driving. We won't let God drive because we think we're better at it than He is. We even tend to relegate Him to the back seat and if He tries to warn us of danger, we call Him a "back-seat driver" and ignore Him. When we wreck our car however, the first thing we do is look in the back seat and ask Him "Why did you let this happen?". Ain't it the truth! Another wise person said "Never give the devil a ride because he'll always want to drive.". Did you ever look to see who's driving your car?
God's promises are always true (the Bible says they are yes and amen), but only to those He promised them to. That's where people get confused. A lot of people are claiming things that don't belong to them and then they get mad when they don't get them! God wants us to come under His protective wing and be forgiven and safe, but He is not responsible if we decide not to come. Jesus is our refuge, our place of safety. If you put your trust in Him, you can claim the promises of God and be sure they will overtake you. If you decide against Jesus, your on your own. We need to stop blaming God for our own mistakes.

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