Scary God

When I was a child and was told that God is everywhere and sees everything, it scared me! One of a child's best defenses is to hide. Remember when you used to think that if you closed your eyes, no one could see you? All of a sudden, here's this "person" who is constantly watching everything you do and you can't hide from him! Scarrrry!
Now that I am grown (physically and spiritually), I take the fact that God is everywhere, all the time, and sees everything, as a great source of comfort! I like knowing that I'm never alone. When times are good, I have someone to celebrate with me, even if no other human is around. If times are bad, I have someone to mourn with me and comfort me, even if I appear to be by myself.
I must admit that there have been times when I've done things or gone places and I wish God didn't know about it because I'm ashamed of my actions. But, upon reflection, I'm glad my heavenly Father loves me enough to go with me even when I'm somewhere I shouldn't be or when I'm doing something I shouldn't be doing. He loves me too much to leave me alone, especially then! Those are the times I'm likely to need His presence and helping hand the most! I've been known to get myself into trouble pretty deep!
When I lie down to sleep at night, it is a great comfort to know that my Father doesn't sleep or slumber and I can rest assured that He is taking care of me at my most vulnerable time. His omniprescence and omniscience give me peace.

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