Many people these days struggle with their sense of self-worth. Maybe you've been told by a parent or teacher or someone else you trust that you're not worth anything. Or maybe you just have this poor self image and you really don't know why. Let me assure you that you do have worth. You are very valuable and that is a fact that no one change.
What something is worth depends upon what someone would be willing to pay for it. Therefore, what something is worth to me may be not be what it's worth to you. Let's take a Porsche for instance. A Porsche sports car here in the USA might be worth $100,000. But in the Amazon jungle, the natives there wouldn't place much value upon it at all. Snow shoes may be valuable in Alaska, but no one would give you a dollar for them in the Sahara desert! Notice how differently people see the worth of an object the next time you're at a flea market or auction. An old chair may get an offer or bid of five dollars from one person and an offer or bid of fifty dollars from someone else! So, what is the chair worth? It depends on who you ask! To the person willing to pay five dollars, it's worth five dollars! But to the person willing to pay fifty dollars, it's worth fifty dollars!
If one person tells you you're valuable and another tells you you're worthless, which one do you believe? You will believe the one who's opinion matters the most to you! Well, if you believe in God, His opinion should matter the most to you. Who is more knowledgeable and better equipped to judge your worth than Him? He created you!
So, what does God have to say about your worth? Well, as I said before, you're worth is dependent upon what someone is willing to pay for you. The Bible teaches us that God sent His son Jesus, the most valuable thing God had to offer, to die in your place! God paid the ultimate price for your soul! He could have paid no higher price! Therefore, to God, you are of infinite worth! The Bible says that we are bought with a price; the precious blood of Jesus! If God thinks you're worth that much, what does it matter what anyone else thinks your worth?
You are valuable in the eyes of God and in the eyes of God's people no matter your age, gender, race, level of education or how much money you earn! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

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