If I could have convinced more slaves that they were slaves, I would have freed thousands more. - Harriet Tubman

It's funny how we can be something and not even realize it. Other people may see it clearly, but we are oblivious to it. I see two spiritual truths in that quote from Mrs. Tubman.
First, I would borrow from her wisdom and say "If I could have convinced more sinners that they were sinners, I could have helped save thousands more." Until a person sees that he is a sinner, he's not likely to be looking for a savior! It's not well people who rush into the doctor's office, but sick people. The Bible says that people's eyes are blinded to the truth and they're walking around in the dark. The enemy of our souls knows that as long as people think they're doing alright all by themselves, they won't accept the Holy Spirit's invitation to come to Jesus. I actually had a young man tell me "I'm happy. My life is good and I'm having fun. Why do I need Jesus?".
Second, I would borrow from Mrs. Tubman and say "If I could have convinced more Christians that they were overcomers, I could have saved them thousands of tears.". I'm tired of hearing Christians talk about themselves as if they were the weakest, poorest, most pitiful creatures on Earth! I'm tired of the complaining and the sad faces and the horror stories. If we have not, we have not "because we ask not" or because we "ask amiss" or because we don't believe we are who God says we are! We are overcomers! We are winners! Read the back of the book and you'll see; We win!! I'm not preaching the "prosperity" message that says you can have anything youwant if you just ask and believe. Some of the things we want are not good for us and might even destroy us! But our Heavenly Father has made precious promises to us and he who promised is faithful! He will protect us, provide for us, heal us and live in us. What else could a person want?

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