I Need Grace!

I just can't say enough about grace! God's grace is so amazing; It's absolutely mind-boggling! God's grace is beyond human comprehension. Who can understand it?
It's like a small child walking through a county fair. There are so many things that catch the child's attention. He's holding his father's hand, but all those flashing lights and clanging bells and those wonderful smells are so enticing! The child gets so caught up in all the goings on that he lets go of his fathers' hand and goes wandering into the crowds of people. All at once, he comes to himself and realizes that he's no longer holding his father's hand. Oh no! I'm lost! What have I done! But the child's father is nearby, never having lost sight of him. He lets the child wander, hoping that he will learn a lesson; Hoping that he will never wander off again. With his father he is safe. Without his father he is vulnerable. When the child goes running back to his father there are no questions, no condemnation, no glaring stares... just love and acceptance and forgiveness! Grace!
I have allowed the flashy things of this world to draw my attention away from my walk with my father more than I care to mention. But he has always stayed nearby. Although I have left his side, He has never left mine. And when I come to my senses and return, He has never condemned me or disowned me. He has always covered me with His marvelous grace and forgiven me.
He does the same for all His children! He loves us all the same and has made to us great and wonderful promises like, "I will never leave you nor forsake you". Even if you have left him, He hasn't left you! Go home... Father's waiting!

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