Rules for Living

This is your life
Treat yourself right
Treat others right
Live like you know you should.
This is life
Fight the good fight
Fight for what's right
Do what you know you should.
~ Newsboys This is Your Life

Rules, regulations, traditions.... Enough already! Jesus scolded the Pharisees for loading people up with rules and traditions. The Bible says "Pure, unstained religion, according to God our Father, is to take care of orphans and widows when they suffer and to remain uncorrupted by this world.". The "golden rule" says that we should treat everyone else the way we want them to treat us. "This is what the LORD requires from you: to do what is right, to love mercy, and to live humbly with your God." is pretty plain spoken instruction.

Treat people right, the way you want to be treated.
Treat yourself right; God has forgiven you, so forgive yourself and live!
You know how you're supposed to live, so just do it.
If it's right, good and true, stand up for it.

It's really that simple.

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