Too Far

I saw a tee-shirt the other day that read "Jesus is my homey". Jesus is our Lord, our Savior, our King and many other wonderful things, but He is not our "homey"! I have always said that God has made a way for us to come to Him and that's what He wants us to do; He wants our company! He wants us to sit at His feet and worship Him, love Him and spend time with Him. He wants our hearts! He adopted us into His family so that we could come into His presence anytime we needed to or wanted to. I don't think God expects all the "thee's and thou's" and all the ritualistic traditions that man has contrived over the centuries. He is our Father and we are His children and that's the way He wants it; Family time!
But there is such a thing as getting too familiar! We can take it all too far! "Homey" is not a respectful way to address one's Savior! God is the most wonderful, amazing, mind-blowing and dangerous person (for lack of a better term) there is or ever was or ever will be! "Homey", "buddy" and "mighty peep" are not respectful ways to speak of Him.

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