Just Me

"I yam what I yam and that's all that I yam!" - Popeye the Sailor Man
Just like dear old Popeye, I am what I am. I'm me and I'm the only me there is and I like being me! I have my faults (after all, I'm only human), but all-in-all, I like me. Some of my friends want me to be more like them (which would make me less like me!) and I know they mean well, but they like me and I like me and God loves me, so, what's the problem?! I guess that because I'm quiet, reserved and a little shy they think they can help me by encouraging me to be more outgoing and social. I appreciate their concern, but I would appreciate their acceptance more.
Actually, there was a time when my personality bothered me. I felt like the lone ranger sometimes. The other members of my family were always outgoing (even loud!) and very social; real people-persons! I thought something must be wrong with me! But when I read in the Bible about how God created me, actually knit me together in my mother's womb, and how He made me according to His own specifications and especially about how He loves me unconditionally just as I am.... well!, that was a great day! God made me, He loves me and that's all that matters!
We all need to do a little studying on personalities and how we are all different. I think that would help us all to understand that we are supposed to be different; that's God's plan! You may think I'm too quiet and shy. I may think you're too loud and outspoken. But being different is what makes us interesting! And it's what God planned for us and it will help us do what He calls us to do in this world! Cool, huh?!
And so I say, along with Popeye..... I yam what I yam.... and that's alright with me!

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