The Ten Commandments

The Bibles says "You must not steal". Does anyone, anywhere think that is a bad rule for people to live by? Is there a culture on this Earth that condones stealing? Is there a group of people somewhere who enjoy having a thief among them?
The Bible says "You must not murder." Is murder ever a good idea? Does anyone want to be murdered? Doesn't pretty much every nation have laws against it?
The Bible says "You must not lie." Don't you just hate to be lied to? Doesn't everyone like to be told the truth?
The Bible says "You must not commit adultery." Doesn't everyone think that's a good rule to live by? If you love someone enough to marry them, shouldn't that love be enough to keep you from betraying them?
These things God tells us to do aren't meant to deprive us of our fun, but to keep us from harm. God knows that stealing hurts people. He knows that murder takes not only the life of the victim, but destroys the lives of the victims family. God knows that if we can't trust each other, how can a society survive? Lying destroys any chance for trust. God knows that marriage is the nucleus of the family unit. Infidelity destroys societies, little by little, one family at a time.
If all these things God tells us to do are good and helpful, why do people hate the ten commandments so much? Even if you don't believe there is a God, what's wrong with living by the ten commandments? Don't they encourage needful behavior? Shouldn't we all know by pure common sense that we shouldn't lie to, steal from and murder each other?
I believe people just plain don't like to told what to do! People tend to revolt against commandments. People don't like rules and regulations (some people more than others) and they tend to fight against anything they see as a restriction to their "freedom". But we are not free to hurt each other. We are not free to harm another human being. Your right to swing your fist must stop where my nose begins!
I find it interesting that the Jewish people call the ten commandments the ten blessings. They understand that these laws are not meant to restrict life, but to enhance life. God isn't inhibiting your enjoying life, He is protecting you from harm!

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