Weeds or Flowers?

I don't usually blog about homosexuality or abortion, not because they aren't important topics, but because, quite frankly, some things are openly, obviously, glaringly wrong. But today, I do want to say just a few things about abortion.
A famous comedian once quipped that the way you can tell the difference between a flower and a weed is: if you water it and feed it and it dies, it's a flower; if you dig it up and try to kill it but it comes back, it's a weed. In other words, the only real difference between a weed and a flower is whether it is wanted or not! Your flower may be my weed and my weed may be your flower. Actually, they're both just plants. You can call it a weed if you want to, but it is still a plant. It's an unwanted plant (at least unwanted by you), but it's a plant nonetheless!
I think babies are like that in a way. Pro-lifers say that it's a "baby". Pro-choiceers say it's a "fetus". You can call it what you want, but it's still a human life! You may call it a "fetus"(because you don't want it and calling it "fetus" makes it easier to dispose of), but it's still a human life. Your "fetus" (because you don't want it) is someone else's "baby" (because they do want it). Wanted or unwanted, it's still a human life. The seed was planted, the egg was fertilized and if left alone it would grow, mature and be birthed. It takes an outside, purposeful act to keep it from living.
If you want to have an abortion ( I pray you would reconsider) it is legal in this country for you to do that. But, not everything that is legal is moral and right. And, of course, you have every right to disagree with everything I've just said. But please, whether you're a man or a woman, don't be conned into believing that it's "just a fetus", as if it were a tumour or some other clump of lifeless tissue. It is a human life. Wanted or unwanted, it's a baby.

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