In a Box

There's a popular saying these days among Christians concerning not putting God "in a box", meaning, of course, that we shouldn't hem God in by trying to define Him according to our human understanding. Any attempt to define God by saying "this is how God does things" or "this is what God thinks about it" (beyond what the Bible teaches us) is sure to limit God's working in our lives and is not only unwise, but dangerous. God is sovereign and has proven to us in His word that He always thinks, as we say, "outside the box". He does things in strange ways sometimes just to confound "the wise". God is beyond definition.
We understand that it is unwise to put God in a box and yet we still put each other in a box. We define "Christian" and then try to make everyone fit that description. We say Christians "talk like this" and "act like this" and "think this way". The Bible gives clear instruction on Christian behavior and we can trust in what it says. The problem starts when we begin to add our human traditions to what the word of God says. Besides, who are we to judge another man's servant? Christians are God's children and God's servants and we have no legitimate right to judge anyone outside of what the Bible clearly states. The world condemns us enough already; why do we insist on downing each other?!
We shouldn't put God in a box and we shouldn't put our fellow Christians in a box and we shouldn't put ourselves in a box. Being a Christian is all about freedom. Jesus set us free!

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