The greatest thing about God, to me, is His mercy. Where would we be without it? We would be helplessly waiting for eternal punishment without any hope of escaping. Jesus is the supreme manifestation of God's mercy. Jesus is the way made where there was no way. Jesus is the payment for our debts when there was no way we could pay for ourselves. Jesus is God's mercy with skin on; He is walking, talking mercy!
Unfortunately, the mercy that brings life and hope is also the very reason many people don't believe in God. Because God is merciful and doesn't judge sin swiftly and severely, people think He either doesn't care or doesn't exist! Because God is merciful and doesn't punish people immediately, some people think that they are getting away with something. They think that either God can't or won't interfere in the daily lives of people. Other people think that there is no God and that's why He doesn't do anything. They don't realize that God is merciful to everyone and is only giving people time to see their mistakes and repent. God doesn't want to punish people; God doesn't want people to go to Hell; God doesn't want people to suffer for their mistakes. God created us because He wanted us to exist with Him and He loves us more than we could ever imagine. He is merciful by His very nature and if He wasn't, we would be lost forever!
If God judges sin and we suffer for what we have done, we complain that God is unfair. If God is merciful and delays punishment and is willing to forgive, we say God doesn't care if we sin or we say that since God doesn't act, He must not exist.

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