Pure Religion

In the book of James God says to us that "to visit the widows and the fatherless" is what He considers pure and undefiled religion. I've always heard that "God helps those who help themselves", but in reality, God helps those who can't help themselves. All through the Bible God shows His concern for the less fortunate, the widows and orphans, the oppressed, the weak and the helpless. God is for the underdog. He picked Israel to be His people because they were so small and helpless. Since this is God's attitude about pure and undefiled religion, shouldn't it be ours as well? After all, we say we are His children; shouldn't His children want what He wants and feel like He feels? I'm afraid we will find out at the judgment of the saints that a lot of the "Christian stuff" we have been doing kept us from doing what God really wanted us to be doing. People are hungry; people are without hope and in need of encouragement; people are alone and need to be befriended; people are sick and need prayer; people are in prison and need to be visited. Jesus said that whatever we do for these people, we do for Him!

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