Heart and Head

It takes your heart and your head to be a good Christian. The Bible tells us that "without faith it is impossible to please God"; God expects us to not only believe in Him (that He exists), but to believe Him (trust Him even when it doesn't seem possible). Faith allows us to go beyond what is tangible and know what our senses cannot know. But we mustn't think that we have to check our brains at the church door. Christianity is reasonable. It really does make sense! Apologists spend their entire lives explaining Christianity with reason and logic. Just watch a debate between atheists and apologists and you will see that both employ the same rules of reason and logic to make their points. Neither will allow the other to slide by with unreasonable or illogical arguments. Their opinions may differ, but both seek to prove their argument with reason and logic. Reason will keep us from falling prey to religious nonsense.
The Bible tells us to be disciples (learners, students) of Jesus. We are told to be ready with an answer when we are asked why we believe. That answer should be logical and reasonable and always based on the scriptures. Faith doesn't mean we accept every religious-sounding idea that comes down the pike whether it makes good sense or not! Just because a man is called Minister or Pastor doesn't mean he gets a pass on the requirement to be reasonable and logical (and especially biblical!). The Bible warns us to "try the spirits to see if they are from God"; In other words, make sure everything passes the head test and the heart test. Is it logical and reasonable (and by reasonable I don't necessarily mean does it make sense, but rather, does it pass the laws of reason); Is it biblical (do the scriptures bear it out); Does it sit well  your spirit (does the Holy Spirit bear witness in your conscience that it is faithful and true)?
Keep your head and your heart both in the game. There will be mysteries you can't humanly explain, but that doesn't mean they are illogical or unreasonable; Let your Faith guide you. There will be things preached to you that sound religious, but stretch the scriptures awkwardly or are downright contrary to scripture; Let your head guide you. Faith and Reason are not mutually exclusive.