Have you noticed how the tactics keep changing? For years people have been trying to prove that the biblical Jesus didn't exist, that he was a fairytale or a myth; They denied his existence. Then, the majority report seemed to say that he did exist, but he was just a good teacher and a wise man who had good ideas, but still just a man; They denied his deity. Now we're hearing that he did exist and he was God, but he didn't really say what the Bible reports him to have said; They deny his message.
Someone once said that it's easy to tell the difference between the truth and not the truth; It's much harder to tell the difference between the truth and almost the truth. They say Jesus didn't mean what we have always thought he meant when he talked about Sin or Hell or his being the only way to the Father; He was misquoted, missinterpreted and misunderstood. It's been a misunderstanding all these years! And what's really scary is that this foolishness is not coming from atheists, it's coming from....... preachers! This apostate rhetoric is actually being espoused by so-called 'men of God'! "Yes Jesus said it, but that's not what he meant" has become the new lie from the Devil. Be careful. 
Is it any wonder the Bible warns us to not be ignorant of the devil's devices. 

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