Hyphenated Christianity

I don't believe in hyphenated Christians. I'm not a Calvinist-Christian because I believe in election and predestination; I'm not a Charismatic-Christian because I believe in speaking in tongues and lively worship; I'm not a Pentecostal-Christian because I believe in miracles, healing and the gifts of the Spirit. I believe the Word of God, the WHOLE Word of God. If the Holy Scriptures contradict my theology, then my theology must change. I don't choke on the 'hard sayings'. If I come upon a part of the scriptures that is hard to understand, I know I need to spend more time reading that particular scripture, meditating on it and praying for the Holy Spirit's enlightenment.
I don't make light of or criticize anyone else's doctrine (unless it plainly contradicts scripture and even then I only quote the offended scripture, not my opinion) and I don't mind confessing that I don't know when I don't know. I believe there are mysteries and paradoxes in the scriptures, but no mistakes. I do, however, believe in going back to the oldest manuscripts for word study in the original language when I have trouble understanding the text.
 I lived my early Christian years basing my theology on what came down from the pulpit of the church I grew up in, embracing what was taught and shunning what was taught against. One day I decided it was time to take the Bible literally when it said "work out your own salvation with fear and trembling". I am responsible for seeking understanding of Biblical concepts and being able to "give an answer" for why I believe... and so are you! We are all called to be disciples - learners of and searchers for the Truth. We are called to dig into the Word of God as if it were a field containing buried treasure. And it surely is!
I refuse to be placed into a man-made category just because I believe a certain thing. I am out for the Truth; the Truth based on God's Holy Word. Wherever it leads, I will go.