Blood Bought

A prominent "spiritual" teacher is making his rounds on TV talk shows saying that Jesus didn't come to die for us, but to teach us how to live. According to him, Jesus' death on the cross wasn't God's way of restoring mankind to Himself (as the Bible plainly states), God only sent Jesus into the world to teach people how to live a good life!
I would agree that Jesus taught us how to live. He taught us to live holy, righteous, merciful, loving lives, always trusting in God and glorifying Him with our walk. But if Jesus hadn't died and took our sin upon Himself, it wouldn't matter how we live, we'd all be sinners headed for Hell! "Good" people don't go to Heaven, forgiven people do! We were born sinners and we needed a savior! Jesus is that Savior!
Satan knows he can't sell us an outright lie, so he peddles his half-truths. He starts with the truth and adds just enough error to get things off track, but not so much that it's obvious what he's done. If you don't study your Bible and pray for God's wisdom, it will all sound pretty good. Plus, he always makes it work out so that you are the center of attention and not God! He's still selling people that same old lie he sold to Adam and Eve: "you shall be as God..."! If you think you're storing up points by doing good things but haven't repented of your sin and asked Jesus to be your savior, you're going to be rudely awakened someday, literally!
Please don't fall for this junk. Read the Bible and be wise! Watch and pray!

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