We Need Each Other

When you saw the title of this post, I bet you thought you were going to read about how we Christians are the body of Christ and we need each other. Well, that's true; we do need each other. But that's not what I'm thinking about today.
I've heard preachers preach that we need God, but God doesn't need us. They say that we need God for everything, everyday, but He has no need of us. After all, He's God! What could He possibly need us for?!
When I hear those kind of things preached, I always think back to Jesus saying that He is the vine and we are the branches. We know the branches need the vine; the vine is the source of nutrition and moisture for the branches. The vine is the source of life! But the vine needs the branches too! The branches bear the fruit. The vine feeds the branches and expects the branches to deliver the fruit! The purpose of the plant (the vine and it's branches) is to produce something!
Jesus needs us! I know that He is God and being all-powerful and all-knowing, He intrinsically needs nothing from anyone. He is able to do anything He wants without outside help. But, I also know that God has chosen to create us and to use us. It is His plan, not ours, to allow us to preach the Gospel and have a hand in the salvation of the world.
God has no limits except the limits He places upon Himself but He has limited Himself in that He will not be unjust or unrighteous. There are things that God can't do! He can't be unjust, unrighteous or a liar! Because of these things, He can't just come in and take away from Satan the authority Satan has over this world. God gave authority over this world to Adam and Adam (by choosing his own way over God's way} gave it to Satan. But God had a plan to righteously and legally return authority to us. He did it through Jesus Christ. Jesus is the vine, but the vine leaves the preaching and praying and witnessing to the branches! He supplies the strength and wisdom to do it, but He needs us to do it! That's His plan!
I know that I need God. I am more aware of that than anything else in my life! But, it makes me feel so blessed and so loved to know that God needs me! And He needs you too!

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