Who's converting who?

There's an old Tom T. Hall ballad about a lady preacher who, after preaching and seeing hundreds converted to Christianity, ran off with her guitar player and began living the worldly life. The last line of the final verse of the song has Tom T. Hall stating, "And I've often sat and wondered who it was converted whom?!".
Now, this post has nothing to do with women preachers, that just happened to be what the song was about. It's that final statement that intrigued me; "And I've often sat and wondered who it was converted whom?!".
I look around at the world system and then at the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ and wonder just who's converting who. Are they becoming more like Jesus or are we becoming more like them?! We're supposed to be light and salt. We're supposed to illuminate and preserve. We're supposed to be change agents. From what I see around me, we Christians are the ones being converted. The Bible warns that when salt loses it's flavour it's worthless. We need to stop trying to be so "progressive" and get back to the old way. Progress is only progress when your forward motion is moving you closer to your destination.

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