What's in a Name?

The Jewish people call Him Yahweh, the Christian people call Him Jehovah and the Muslim people call Him Allah. Some people say it doesn't matter what you call Him because there's only one God and He's the same for everyone. I agree that there is one God and no matter what you call Him, He's still the same and the name you choose to call Him doesn't change who He is. So what's the big difference in the religions? Is it just in the name they give to God? If so, aren't all the religions the same? Aren't they just different paths to the same destination?
It is true there's only one God. But it is also true that there's only one mediator between God and man - Jesus. Jesus said in the Bible that "no one comes to the Father except by me." He said that anyone who tries to come any other way is "a thief and a robber". Yes, there's only one God, regardless of the name you may call Him by. But He has determined a way to come to Himself and the Bible says that Jesus is that way. There are no alternate routes, no shortcuts and no bypasses. Jesus is the way!
If you choose to believe good works will get you to God, that's up to you. You have the right to choose for yourself. If you choose to believe that God will accept everyone into His presence after they die (He's too good to send anyone to Hell!), that's up to you too! It's your life and your free choice! I won't love you any less or treat you any differently because of it. But if you choose to go contrary to the Bible, remeber that you are turning your back on the very One who will judge you at the end of your life!
Jesus wasn't just a "great prophet" or a "good teacher". He either is the only way to the Father or He is a liar and a blasphemer! He either told the truth or He lied! It's that simple.

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