Where's Mine?

One of the most misunderstood things the Bible teaches us about God, our Father, is that He is "no respecter of persons". Most people seem to think that whatever God does for one person, He will do for the next person. People either go around mad at God because they think He did something for someone else and didn't do it for them, or their faith is shaken because they've been waiting for years for God to do something for them because He did it for someone else.
God certainly is no respecter of persons. He doesn't love one more than another, nor does He show favoritism to anyone. He is, however, a discerner of persons! In other words, He knows us intimately and judges us each on our own merits. I can't claim the blessings someone else gets if I'm not doing what that person is doing. Am I faithful, forgiving, merciful and generous? Am I faithful in prayer and Bible study? If that other person is and I'm not, how can I expect God to do for me what He does for them?
I know that the same blood of Jesus saves us all and His righteousness belongs to us all the same. I know that we are not saved by our works, but by faith. But I also know that God won't bless us if we are sinning and being unfaithful to Him. We can, through our actions or inaction, cut off the flow of God's favor! If one person is faithful and one is not, the unfaithful person can't expect the same blessings that the faithful person is receiving even if they quote "God is no respecter of persons" all day long!
I know that sometimes we have to be patient and wait upon the Lord and the things we ask for don't always appear immediately. But shouldn't we take a good close look at ourselves every now and then to make sure that what's holding up our blessing isn't us?!

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