His Hands

There's an old story I heard once about a farmer who always won first prize for his corn at the County Fair. It was always the biggest and juiciest and best-tasting corn year after year. After the County Fair the old farmer would always share his seed corn with all the other farmers in the area. A reporter who was covering the Fair one year for the newspapers noticed the farmer sharing his seed and thought it strange that he would share the prize winning seed with the very people he would be competing against the next year. He asked the farmer why he did this and the old farmer replied, " All these folks have farms that border mine. Because of cross-pollination, whatever corn they plant will always have an effect on the corn I plant. The winds and the bees will carry from their crops to mine and vice-versa. If their corn is inferior, it will cause mine to be less than it could be. By helping them have better corn, I'm only helping myself have better corn."
What a lesson! If we want to prosper, maybe we should help those around us prosper. My Pastor always says "Help thy brothers boat to the shore, and behold, thy boat will be there too!" I don't know where that originated, but it sure is true. Helping others is ultimately helping ourselves. If we want to have good corn, we need to make sure our neighbors have good corn. No man is an island and whatever we do affects others; either in a good way, or in a bad way.
Jesus said that we should love our neighbors as ourselves. I guess that's because when we love our neighbor, we're also loving ourselves! And it always puts us in the perfect place where God can bless us!

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