About Me

I will live or die by the word of my God. I will stand or fall by his word. My trust is in him and him alone. My life and everything I have belongs to him and I entrust my eternal soul to his care. I am not my own; I am his. He created me, he redeemed me and I give myself to him of my own free will. I do not make my own decisions, I do not demand my own way and I do not live by my own understanding. He is my God, my Father, my friend, my King, my strength, my peace, my wisdom, my Saviour, my healer, my provider, my shepherd and my constant companion. I will never be ashamed that I have given everything to him. He is faithful and true. His promises are yes and amen. He has a plan for me, to bless me and keep me and bring me to a good end. I believe.

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