God is faithful. Those are the three most beautiful words in the English language. I have courage to face every new day because I believe those words are true. I have peace to lay down and sleep at night with no worries and no fears because I believe in his faithfulness. He who hath promised is faithful!
It's his faithfulness in spite of my unfaithfulness that really impresses me.The fact that his faithfulness isn't contingent upon my being faithful is mind boggling! But then, he is a God of covenant, not contract! I'm not saying that I can act any old way I want to and expect God to come running to my rescue; I'm saying that faithfulness is part of his character and he never acts out of his character. I may sin and break fellowship with him; I may lose that 'closeness' that I feel with him; but He will never leave me alone. And out of his faithfulness he makes a way for me to repent and come back to him. If he left me every time I've left him, I would have been alone now for years! I am truly grateful that he doesn't let go of me just because I wander off. I don't intentionally take advantage of his faithfulness, but I mess up from time to time and goof things up pretty badly.
Maybe you've done something goofy in your life. Maybe you've been told that God doesn't love you or that he has abandoned you because of your many mistakes. God is faithful! He has not left you alone; He is there! Your broken fellowship keeps you from 'feeling' his presence, but he is there I promise you! Repent and ask him to cleanse you from all your sins. He will restore you. You may be miles away, but it's only one step back! God is faithful!

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