Why, God?

We have a hard time understanding God. I believe many times it's because we try to project our way of thinking onto him. We think that he thinks like we do, but he is not a man; He is God and he sees things differently.
God is almighty, ever-present, all-knowing, truth, love, and justice. That is a rather short list of his attributes. The one fact that really seems to throw us for a loop is this: God never expresses one attribute at the expense of another.
Let me give you an example. You tell your child not to run in the house (because you see potential for harm) and warn him that he will be punished if he disobeys. He runs in the house anyway. He falls, scrapes his knee and begins to cry. You run to him and you clean and bandage his knee. But because he is hurt and crying, you don't punish him. You have expressed your love at the expense of justice and truth. God doesn't do that and that confuses us. We think of God as a Father just like us, only better! But God is not just like us, only better; He is above us, beyond us, different in a way that we can't even conceive!
Dig into the scriptures and find out for yourself who God is and how he does things. He expresses himself in the New Testament through Jesus and in the Old Testament through his dealings with his people. Don't project the way you would think onto God and don't take someone else's opinion of how God thinks. Seek him for yourself!

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