Seed Sowers

"You Christians are so conceited; you want everyone to believe like you do!"
It's not conceit, it's love! We don't want you to believe in Jesus just because we do; we want you to believe in Jesus because we believe he is the only way to eternal life and we want you to be with us in Heaven! If we didn't love you, we wouldn't care what happens to you!
I had to find my way to Jesus. I didn't start life off as a believer. I have been on both sides of the equation and so I know from personal experience which is better. I tried lots of other things, read many books which offered many different philosophies and heard many opinions about how to best live life. After all was said and done, I chose Jesus. I believe he is the way, the only way. You have to choose for yourself and that's the way God wants it. He tells us to "work out our own salvation with fear and trembling". In other words, be actively engaged in finding out for yourself which path leads to Heaven because what happens to you after this life is over is what's really important. If you live to be 100 years old on this Earth what is that compared to eternity after this life is over!? It's just a drop in the ocean!
I don't ask you to believe what I believe just because I believe it. It's not the right way just because it's the way I chose; I chose it because it is the right way! It is not my job to convince you or to pressure you. I am only required to tell you the truth; the decision is yours and yours alone to make. Besides, Jesus doesn't need a sales pitch, just an introduction! He will then speak for himself. We are called to sow seed; God is responsible for making it grow.
Please don't let immature Christians dissuade you from Jesus by their sometimes over-the-top zeal. They mean well; it's just hard to hold back your passion and excitement when you're life has been so radically changed for the better. You want everyone to feel the peace and contentment that you are feeling! You wouldn't not go into a restaurant because someone was standing at the door telling you how great the food is would you?! No, you would probably appreciate the heads up! We're not trying to recruit you so there'll be one more Christian in the world, we just want to share with you the greatest thing we have ever found, which is Jesus! As one man said, "We're just hungry people trying to tell other hungry people where we found food."!

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