There is hope. Times can be tough and things can go extremely wrong, but there is hope. People can let you down, do you wrong, leave you high and dry, but, there is hope. Situations can arise that seem insurmountable, but there is hope. Life can throw a pretty mean curve ball sometimes, but there is hope. Why do I sound so optimistic? There is hope because there is God!
My life is a living testimony to his faithfulness and grace. There's not enough space on this blog to tell of all the wonderful things he has done for me. I could tell of countless times when there was no way out and yet he made a way. I could tell of times when doctors said those dreaded words , "I'm sorry. We've done all we can do." and yet I live. I could go on and on. I'm not spouting religious propaganda, I've lived these things out in my own life. And I say... there is hope.
As long as there is breath in me to pray, I know I don't have to give up. I am not at the mercy of people, situations or circumstances. I am at the mercy of God! He is faithful to hear my prayers and help. He has proven himself time and again.
Don't give up.... pray. Ask for help and expect it. He wants you to want his help and he gives his grace abundantly and cheerfully. I don't know what you might be going through, but I know that there's no small problems when they're your problems. Someone else may have small problems, but when it's happening to us, they seem much bigger. It doesn't matter how big the problem, God is bigger! He is able and willing to help. Please let him help you, please; all you have to do is ask.

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